East land or as the Tehuelches called it, “Puelmapu”. Is the environment that surround us on every trip that we make. Our history as fishers on petrohue river has motivate us to fulfill a dream and venture to offer the same outdoor experience we have given to our friends and closed ones doing the last few year.

We invite you to be part of our great group of friends that has already taken part of this adventure. Looking forward to meet you, Best regards!


We are southener family business dedicated to deliver unique experiences to nature lovers all around Puerto Varas, Chile. Realiabity, responsability, passion for service and the commitment with the enviroment are our key pillars.

As a company we promote a responsible tourism. The knowledge of the zone along with the expertise of the guides provide us a crucial tool to educate and make concience in our client, as a result a positive impact is created on each and everyone who visit us.


Offer unique experiences in magical natural environment in the south of Chile.


Safety: Our concern for our client safety i sour number one priority, encouraging it on every minute of the experience.
Excellent service: We want to make sure that we give the best service in all the areas involved with adventure tourism, emphasizing on the human quality.
Kindness: is a trait that stands out in our staff, so as to our visitors feel at home during the adventure.
Reliability: above all we want to count on the trust of our visitors.