Petrohue River: Fotógrafo – Río Frío

Descripción / Description

Fishing excursion with class 3 rapids. Turquoise waters. Developed for experienced fishermen, who are looking for rainbow and brown trout. To fish Chinook you can find pools where they rest. The wading is privileged thanks to the different islands that form in the river sector.


  • We have a vehicle with the necessary attributes for fishing.
  • Chevrolet Tahoe year 1998.


  • Our means of transport by the river has a special stable floor to be able to fish comfortably, in addition to seats specially designed to give maximum comfort.

Fishing guide – Certifications.

  • IRF (International Rafting Federation) Class III.
  • WAFA Emergency care in remote locations.
  • Rescue III Rescue in white waters.

Do not forget:
– Sun hat and lenses with personal UV protection.
– Sport fishing license. If you do not have one, we will manage it for you. Value 0.1 UF weekly (national), 0.5 UF (foreigners).
– Bring dry fishing equipment with at least 48 hours of drying, to prevent the spread of didymo.
– We do not have fishing equipment, bring implements. Contact us in advance if you do not have him.

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  • Maximum 2 fishermen.
  • Calm waters.
  • Distance: 25 km.
  • Duration of 7 to 8 horas.
  • Food and drinks..

Experiencia / Experience
Pesca recreativa / Recreative fishing